“For once in my life I am going through emotions instead of masking them. I am being with my emotions and truly feeling. I have never felt anything before and now I am only love. Wow you are right, the emptiness starts to fill up with love…GOD I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MYSELF!”

Brad Bailey, Chula Vista CA

“My experience of David and that which he offers and shares with the world and its people is one of highest integrity and love.”

Winona Carr, Austin TX   Founder of Forgotten Pleasures

“I’m charging forward, and I feel honored to carry some of your wisdom. I’m all about the revolution and the freeing of the hearts in this land. I’m gradually getting more examples of what I want to be when I grow up, but you’re my symbol of wisdom for now. Thank you for supporting my journey.”

Tyler Parsons, Kansas City Wholistic Touch Therapist

“I feel very much stretched by you – which is a very enjoyable experience because not a whole lot of people stretch me.”

Steven Wagner, Los Angeles

“Yes unconditional love is what it’s all about. I wake up just let the love flow in, out and all around. Thank you for this gift again and again and again. My words just can’t do it justice. It was an experience that needed all your senses to fully ‘get it’.”

Newmann Pieters, NYC

What an honor and joy it was to meet you this year, a very special gift. Thank you for your light, thank you for your shine and your beautiful heart. You are a real magician.”

Marina Eorada, NYC Bodyworker/Healer

“David, you did a fabulous job of facilitating my work. I felt totally safe and comfortable, and held in a strong strong container. You taught me so much about being vulnerable, about intimacy, how to let myself be facilitated. My heart is cracked wide open, and I am learning how to love unconditionally. Thank you for all your gifts, and teaching us something that is so vital.”

Kurt Adler, Denver, CO

“I am in a new space of peace and acceptance with my process, as you are the first person who has given me an experiential context for what I am going through. I appreciate your grounded presence, genuine compassion, and warm sense of humor. You are a gifted mentor, and I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you.”

Chelsea DeMarte, San Francisco Holistic Bodyworker

“The sharing at this event was so open, raw, real and genuine that it was able to open a really safe space for truly deep profound sharing to happen. I think the key word there was safety. David Cates is truly a wonderful facilitator.”

Rasa Lila, Seattle WA Sensual Mystic

“Your work is very inspiring, enticing and illuminating… It all feels so familiar… don’t know how, but it’s deep… ancient… even primordial.”

Julien Canuso, Woodside CA