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When She Stops Opening to You Sexually

What to Do When Past Sexual Wounds Return to Haunt the Present

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Step Up and Become Her Hero! Help your partner recover from the wounds of past relationships and sexual experiences… and from the built-up residue of your own mistakes together. Show her a new solution. Lead her confidently into the powerful present, and guide her through the sexual healing she needs to fully blossom – with you!

Yes, It Can Happen to You You may believe your woman has never been sexually traumatized, but the stats are against you. It is estimated that there are over 60 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in America today (and many of them take that secret to their grave). On American college campuses, one in every five women report being raped at some time during their lives. Some experts believe that over 2/3 of adult women have been on the receiving end of unwanted sexual contact, varying in intensity from a barroom breast grope to domestic rape. Millions more have had STIs, abortions, difficult childbirths, painful infections. As men, it’s sometimes hard for us to imagine the effects of that constant threat of violence, or the vulnerability of her tenderest parts. Even when a woman wants to open up, sometimes her history makes that challenging. Her body remembers what she may have forgotten.

A Cruel Twist The more she loves and trusts you, the safer she feels with you – and the more likely these issues will come to the surface. It doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. Confusingly, it often means you’re on the right track – if you don’t retreat into a dark cloud of personal frustration.

What You Can Do At Home Every man should know the 5 warning signs of sexual trauma. This class will show you how to tell when an old wound has been re-triggered – and what you must do to respond effectively. You’ll get a clear overview of the whole process, and detailed step-by-step instructions to follow. Don’t abandon her when she needs you most. In her heart of hearts, she wants you to bring her back home to your love. Don’t let past trauma destroy your sex life today. Not when you can use it to create more intimacy than ever!

You are her man. You can do this.

The Sexual Healing Project will help.

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  • dbs

    I was eagerly awaiting this teleseminar, having paid my money and booked off work. The phone number I was given in the email doesn’t work. Now what do I do exactly? Very frustrating!!!!

    • davidcates

      I’m sorry you weren’t able to get through. I’ve sent you a private email with ways we might rectify this situation. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.

    • David Cates

      I’m sorry you went through this frustration. The number I sent you worked for everyone else on the call, so I’m not sure what went wrong. I’ve sent you a private email offering to rectify the situation. Please let me know how you’d like to proceed.

  • Destin Gerek

    Would have loved to have joined. I somehow just read this. It would have been right before the teleseries I’m running on Stepping into Your Masculine Sexual Presence. Synchronistically, tonight’s topic was, Healing Your Relationship to the Feminine.

    Do you have an email list I should be on to make sure I don’t miss things like this in the future?

    • David Cates

      Thanks for the awesome work you’ve been putting out there, Destin! I’ll get you onto the list so you won’t miss anything else.

  • Teri Ciacchi

    David Cates is a reliable source of healing in my world. I trust him to teach men and help all of us heal from sexual traumas. Thank You.

    • davidcates

      Thank you for your confidence in me, Teri. I am honored.

    • David Cates

      Thanks for your confidence in me, Teri. I’m deeply honored that you’re stepping up to say this publicly.

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  • Terry

    Hi David, will you be offering a teleseminar on this topic for Men who are shut-down sexually?
    I wonder if my husband has had a traumatic experience that makes him non-sexual. After 15 years of infrequent sex, in which I always initiate, we no longer have any sexual contact.
    His body responds to my touch but he pushes me away. I have tried everything I can think of but it never changes. He says there’s no abuse in his past but I don’t know if he could tell me if there were.
    I don’t know what signs to look for and he is closed to the idea of speaking with a therapist.
    All he says is he has no sexual appetite.
    He doesn’t allow for any communication on our sexual relationship. It’s not open for discussion.
    Thanks David,