Sex Creates Realities


Make no mistake about it: sex is power.

Kingdoms rise and fall for sex. Societies legislate marriage to control sex. Churches advocate celibacy, on pain of hell. They want to keep the genie in the bottle.

The raw experiential nature of sex gives it mindblowing potency. Something that powerful, happening in the body, sweeping us along emotionally, overriding the senses, seems more real than anything we’ve been told to believe.

Sex creates its own reality.

If you are using the power of sex for egoic purposes, no matter how refined and pure your ego, sex will reinforce the consciousness you’re coming from. Every act of sex will drive you deeper into separation. Partner, solo, ritual, group, loving, healing, using: doesn’t matter what kind of sex. If you start from ego, you will end at ego.

If you start with God, you’ll end with God.

Making love in the Unified Field entrains us with the love that is creating everything. We become part of that creation process. Life is creating through us, as us. Everyone, male and female, young and old, experiences the ongoing miracle of conceiving, gestating, and birthing new realities.

When every cell in your body is orgasming, conceiving and birthing life itself, you’ll know what ecstasy can be. The spasms of our genitals are only the beginning…

Take the time to go inside, to find the pulse in your own body first, and to remember wholeness. This makes all the difference in the world. Then the powerful energies of sex are put in service to reinforcing oneness. The biochemicals of bliss are released into our nervous systems with the steady drip drip drip of an IV.

Otherwise, those potent sexual energies will be hijacked to reinforce our egos, to flood our neurology with the biochemical relief of an addictive substance, and to leave us stranded when the high is over.

Your choice. Which reality do you wish to activate? Which dream do you want to feed with your lovemaking?

Temporary union, or endless pulsation? Separation, or Oneness?

Sex will reinforce your choice, burn it into your memory, transform your neurology, and make it real.

Just as sex reinforces the dramas of our ego-life, and makes them unbearably real, so will sex reinforce the bliss of Oneness, and bring it into form.

We are Gods bringing eternity into time. We are incarnating with our memories intact. We are making life conscious of itself.

We are waking up Creation, and sex in the Unified Field is our tool.

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6 Responses to Sex Creates Realities

  1. Carrie says:

    David, can you say more about the unified field? How do you define that term?

    • davidcates says:

      Carrie, of course it’s you! Define terms, huh? For me, the Unified Field is the one whole seamless web of reality, before it’s teased apart, sorted and compartmentalized by the mind. In taoist terms, it’s the singular mystery from which the 10,000 things arise. In Chopra lingo, it’s the field of pure potentiality. More vaguely still, it’s All-That-Is. In physics images, it’s the sum total of all spacetime. But then again, “that which can be named is not the eternal tao”…

  2. Abe Moses says:

    A beautiful piece of connection between co-creation of reality and sex, where the place from which we are coming makes the supreme difference to the outcome of embracing or separating for the divine: I know what I choose, since I have already experienced the separation to which you refer.
    Much love,

    • davidcates says:

      I’m happy to hear that you discern the difference, Abe. That one shift has changed my world!

  3. Apollo says:

    Where did you get that amazing graphic?? My God!

    • davidcates says:

      I found it on the blog of the artist at

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