Guys, the google search term ain’t “Men’s Work”

“Men’s Work” is a tool-belt full of bizarre-looking tools that the guy on the street can see no use for. Good luck selling it to anyone but workshop geeks.

“Process”… “Quest”… “Authenticity”… “Communication”… “Truth-telling”… “Inner Masculine/Feminine”… “Weekend Workshop”… “Initiation”… “Brotherhood”… blahblahblah…

WE may know what these tools are… but to most men, they’re awkward and intimidating jargon.

Wait till a man’s ready to build: a home, a family, sex, a career, money, community, a stairway out of his pit. Meet him in the real world. Address his desires and dreams.

THEN suddenly those tools gain value. Not because he wants the tools themselves… but because he wants to build something.

Focus on that SOMETHING… and you’ll have his full attention.

That’s why we need a thousand entry points… to niche this sucker down… and address each community’s specific values and goals.

In its own language.

What will do that? A guy who’s already living that life, building that goal, immersed in that community, speaking that language.

Then we throw our support behind him, trust him to translate and deliver.

Let him pick the google search terms that speak to him and his tribe.

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5 Responses to Guys, the google search term ain’t “Men’s Work”

  1. Jeremy Kalan says:

    Fucking-A David! You’ve hit the nail on the head with this brother. Focus on that something that he wants to build and you’ve got his attention. So simple, so obvious, yet somehow can be elusive in marketing services, as we struggle to identify what we are offering and what the benefits are. Thanks and hope you are well buddy

    • davidcates says:

      Thanks, Jeremy. It’s been a looooong struggle for me to stop focusing on what I have to give, and shift attention to what the world is ready to receive. Ask, ask, ask!

  2. Gary Stamper says:

    This is language I’m struggling with….How to market The Integral Warrior that speaks to the two stages of masculine consciousness that I’m trying to attract…..Especially since most of the men I work with are driven to my work by the feminine: do the work or get left behind. But I’m not looking for the guy on the street. I’m looking for someone who’s already on a conscious path but is finding that there are blocks that are getting in their way. I have to use words that describe the “processes” I offer in my “weekend workshops:” I work with the “masculine and feminine,” “initiations,” around “authenticity,” “shadow” and “blahblahblah”…..

    When you market your work around a specific workshop, what does your languaging look like?

    Love your blog.


    • davidcates says:

      Gary, I’m guilty of the buzz words too. This is a new revelation for me. I’m working out more culturally relevant language here in this blog and in my ongoing classes and sessions. The big A-HA! hit at the Evolving Men’s Conference in Boulder last weekend. A roomful of powerful leaders of men’s organizations, and we’re jabbering to each other in jargon, wondering why it’s so hard to enroll new men in our programs. Yes, some of it’s the language. But some of it’s our focus: describing means instead of ends, processes instead of benefits, tools instead of buildings.

      If most of the men you work with are driven by their women, why not simply address that? “Afraid of being left behind?” “Does your woman want something from you that you can’t deliver?” Or, from the other end: “Meet your woman where she lives and give her what she really wants!”

  3. Gary Stamper says:

    David, those are good suggestions……and, like men doing “the work” because they are driven by their women, a sad commentary on why men do this work! Not all men, though……and what do we want at our workshops? Men who come because they’re afraid, or because they want to be blown wide open?

    I know come because you’re afraid…and then get blown wide open!

    I want to know more about the Evolving Men’s Conference in Boulder!

    Love to you,